Our Team


Alex Dobbs


Whilst travelling through Australia during 2017 and 2018 Alex found himself magnetised to Melbourne and to what then became the beginning of his journey with Movinghub. Prior to arriving in Australia, Alex had already been travelling the world for two years.

Alex came from a background of Electrical Engineering in the UK in the residential and business sectors, gaining experience and knowledge of the industry over 8 years. At Movinghub Alex is the Chief Operating Officer in the UK and an integral representative in developing customer relationships and building the Movinghub UK business.

For Alex, learning from colleagues and others around him to improve on what he does on a daily basis is very important in his drive to continuously develop his skills. He is very passionate and enthusiastic, which is infectious to others. Alex says he sees the silver lining in every opportunity, and encourages others to do so too.

The togetherness that the company has with all its employees and clients is something that Alex loves about Movinghub which has now become like a second family to him. Alex respects the fact that everyone puts their heart into what they do at Movinghub and that makes working there even better.

When not in the office Alex is usually on the go – either out on the golf course rain, hail or shine, (UK weather can be up and down), or playing football for a local team. When he’s not running around Alex enjoys painting and being with family and friends.