Our Team


Gregg Crane

Chief Product Officer

Gregg joined the Tili Group in 2014 and has presided in a number roles over the last 4 years. He has been with the company from the beginning, playing a fundamental role in the development of Tili Group and the utilihub®, Movinghub®  and the Movologist® brands. Currently Gregg is the Chief Product Officer, overseeing software development and managing a number of tier 1 clients.

Prior to working at Movinghub Gregg managed a number of leisure facilities for the MCC and YMCA. Gregg’s background as a General Manager gives him expertise in most areas of the business and has seen him work in many areas of the Tili Group to make the company what it is today.

Gregg says his values are simple, work hard, be respectful and do things better every day.

Outside of work Gregg enjoys getting outdoors and going on family adventures with his wife and two young children.

It is safe to say Gregg has a true love for this business and enjoys the freedom it gives him to be better, to do better and to encourage others to strive for better.